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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I Leaned in June

You guys! Can you believe June is almost over? Today is the last day and it's blowing my mind. Anyway, like I've done the past couple months, I'm going to recap what I learned this month because "learn" is my word of the year. So lets get started.
A lot of what I learned about God this month is stuff that I knew but I was conveniently reminded of it. Like the fact that he'll never leave or forsake His children. Or that his wisdom is more valuable than priceless gold.

I learned that Pearson may actually know more about Harry Potter than me. Shocker, I know. But that's just because he basically has a photographic memory.

I learned (or really re-learned) how much he loves Pixar movies. It really is cute. Of course, who could not love Inside Out? So good! Along the same lines, I learned that he considered "sadness" to be my dominant emotion. How sad is that? (no pun intended). But I'll share more on that and how I'm gonna fix it on Monday for my Marriage & Relationship Goals post.

I learned that I can still socialize, I just sometimes get out of practice from working from home. Sometimes I feel like I'm really awkward when I hang out with people after not hanging out with people for a long time. But what I learned is that I need things like The Music Man every once in a while to get me back into practice. It's a good feeling. :)

I also learned that I LOVE theatre. I can guarantee I'll be doing some other productions with Worthington Community Theatre in the future.

And lastly, while I already knew that I thrive in community and when I have accountability, I learned that the #GoodMorningGirls bible study is perfect for me! We're slowly moving through the bible only one chapter per day which means I can really dive deep each day. I found that all the one year bible reading plans had me reading too much each day and I felt rushed and felt like I couldn't really study what I was reading like I wanted to. With Good Morning Girls, I study each chapter completely on my own but I can read what other people think through the blog and hashtag on social media. They also have lots of optional free resources to make the study a little easier. I love it!

Other people/things:
Yoga is weird. You wouldn't think contorting your body in weird ways and just holding a position or slowly flowing from one position to another would do much. But it does! I've been so sore this month. AND I can see progress! I see specific progress in certain positions and I see general progress in how my body feels!

I am finally starting my new position in development at work. This means that this month I haven't really learned very much, but next month, I will learn a ton! July is going to be crazy with The Music Man, my in-laws coming into town, and getting used to a new work load. It will be fun though!

What have you learned this month?
Thanks for reading!
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