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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why Simply Being Together is Important to your Relationship

Pearson and I went to the fair last weekend.

And I didn't take many pictures because my phone died while we were there. Wow. I've gotten the "worst blogger award" way too much lately.

I love going to the fair. It remind me of high school and dating and fun. I really didn't go to the fair that much growing up, but I can remember a few times. Pearson, however, has now only been twice. Once with me in high school, and once last weekend. He's not a huge fan.
The Ohio State Fair, is supposed to be one of the biggest and best fairs around, but it's located down town, and since we went on the last day it was open, there were gangs picking fights after dark. So needless to say, it really wasn't our scene.
But we stayed anyway (and stayed away from where the gangs were hanging out). We just wanted to enjoy each other's company. We'd gotten some free ride tickets from a friend so we used those on the Ferris wheel and one other ride. We saw a couple shows. We ate terribly. And we used the opportunity as something different to do together even though it wasn't really something either of us were that excited about.

But that's not the point, is it? The point is to spend time together. It doesn't matter what you're doing. Quality Time is toward the top of both mine and Pearson's love language lists, so spending time together is so important!

The problem is, it's sometimes hard to find fun and interesting things to do together for that quality time. So we usually end up just watching TV. And that's fine, but it's good to find something new sometimes. And it doesn't have to be something crazy, expensive, or extravagant.
What about simply going on a walk after dinner? Perfect. Or take dinner outside for a picnic for a change. Leave your phones at home and soak up this last month or so of summer. Play a board or card game. Find a list of questions and just sit on the couch all night asking them to each other.

Another way to simply be together is to be in the same room but doing different activities. There may not be as much quality in this time as there would be when you're putting all your attention on your spouse, but sometimes it's unavoidable and sometimes you just need time to yourself. But if you can be "by yourself" with your significant other, that really says a lot about your relationship.
There are a lot of times when Pearson and I will both be sitting on the couch reading different books. We stop every once in a while and read an excerpt to each other and we can even be cuddling at the same time. Or sometimes he'll be playing a video game while I'm blogging. I like to stop what I'm doing every once in a while and just watch him.

These moments are so important to me and so much better than locking myself in the bedroom to read or blog while he does his own thing in the living room. It just feels right to be together, you know?

What are some things you and your hubby do together? Do you ever do your own separate activities together?
Thanks for reading!

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