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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

20 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband

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Respect is a very important aspect of every relationship but especially a marriage. And it's often very difficult to do. Typically, I think it's more difficult for women. I'm not really sure why, but for some reason, in my experience, the first response for most women is to laugh or make fun of their husband. Or to act like his mother. Not to show him respect.

With that said, it is also very important for a husband to respect his wife. But since I am a wife and I think most of my readers are women, here are some ways to show respect to your husband (and most of these could go both ways)!

20 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband

  1. Complain less, complement more.
  2. When arguing, try to see his side. Ask him to explain his side again if you need to in a kind way, but don't be condescending. Don't or roll your eyes. Don't act like your side is obviously right. Don't look down on him in any way. Don't act like his mother.
  3. Don't interrupt him. You don't appreciate it so I'm sure he doesn't either.
  4. Don't talk bad about him to other people. Even if we've had a fight or if I'm mad at Pearson at the moment, I never complain about him to other people.
  5. Try to keep a positive attitude. I like to make a list of qualities I like about Pearson and read it every once in a while. And I try to always put a positive spin on his annoying habits.
  6. Don't laugh at or make fun of him. I used to do this so often in college. He was goofy and nerdy and I just didn't think it was a big deal. But it really hurt him.
  7. Do stuff he likes to do even if you don't particularly like the activity. I don't mean all the time. But it will mean a lot to him if you suggest watching his favorite movie even though you don't enjoy it that much.
  8. Pick your battles. Think about what you're about to argue over and decide if it's really worth it.
  9. Say thank you and tell him you appreciate him.
  10. Praise his accomplishments.
  11. Sincerely apologize when you need to. Don't just say you're sorry to end the fight.
  12. Forgive when he apologizes. We all make mistakes. If he's truly sorry, forgive him.
  13. Try not to correct things he does. Unless it's absolutely necessary, of course. Pearson doesn't fold laundry exactly like I do, but instead of correcting him, I choose to appreciate that he wants to help. Or at least, I try to.
  14. Don't bring up big stuff as soon as he walks in the door. He's probably had a long day. Especially if he's a grad student... So let him relax and debrief.
  15. Don't assume you know what he's thinking! I do this all the time. I assume i know why Pearson is upset and sometimes I'm right, and sometimes I'm not. But whether I'm right or not, it makes Pearson mad.
  16. Don't assume he knows what you're thinking! I'm certainly guilty of this too. Your hubby is not a mind reader. Tell him what's going on.
  17. Ask his opinion and advice. Sometimes men (and women) just want to feel important.
  18. Don't try to help him (or worse, do something for him) unless he asks. Now I don't mean acts of service. You can always do little things to serve him. But if he's trying and struggling to do something and you think you can do it better or faster, don't jump in. Don't act like he's an idiot for not knowing how to do it. Let him work it out.
  19. Keep him informed about what goes on in your life.
  20. Don't put down his family too much. Even if he's complaining about them. Be careful. After all, they are still his family.
How do you show your husband respect?
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