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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

10 Best Online Marriage Resources + an Announcement

You guys, lately I've been finding a lot of great websites, blogs, podcasts, and other resources about marraige. I'll admit, I've been finding them mostly through social media as I search for new people to follow and new content to share. But I've found some wonderful and helpful content that I think you're going to love! P.S. Stay tuned to the end of this post for an exciting announcement!
So lets get to them:
The Dating Divas always blow me away with their new date ideas and free printables here and there. They're dedicated to strengthening marriages, one date at a time!
Sheila is a pretty well known Christian author and speaker. I can always count on her blog for great answers to marriage questions, encouragment, and real-life stories about marriage.
Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo are the authors of the book 7 Days of Sex Challenge (which i gave to Pearson for Velanetine's Day this year). They are very passionate about marriage and they do a wonderful podcast every week!
I can't remember when I first "met" Ngina, but I love her blog posts! She has so much passion and wisdom about marriage. She's certainly helping earlywed wives create intentional happily-ever-afters.
Guest bloggers help out and write a prayer every day for marriages. I receive the day's prayer every morning in my inbox and it's a great way to start the day!
Chelsea is working to redefine the wife lifestyle. She states in her manifesto that there are many ways to live the new wifestyle but it's all about empowering strong wives. My favorite series on her blog is her New Wifestyle Profiles. I was featured on one not too long ago!
I love coming to this blog for daily encouragement! Jennifer first started her blog to share with other wives the struggles and healing she encountered in her first few years of marriage. She is now a successful author and has a large online community of wives. She believes that if you want a thriving marriage, you must be intentional about it. Something I'm on board with for sure!
The name alone should give you an idea of what this blog is about. J. Parker is a Christian intimacy author and speaker. She blogs about sex & marriage by God's design.
Fawn is the author of the book, Happy Wives Club. She started that journey when she was frustrated about the media bombarding her with unhappy wives. She knew she couldn't be the only happy wife out there, so she started the club and started research on her book. If you couldn't tell from my collaboration on Monday, I am totally with Fawn on the negative media thing!
I've been friends with Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage for a long time. Way back in the day we were paired up as Blogging Big and Little sisters and the rest is history. She is very passionate about marriage like me and has a lot of great content about making marriage a priority through every stage of life.

Speaking of Amberly... She has graciously allowed me to co-administrate her marriage Facebook community! Starting today. we are revamping the community, In the past, interest has waned, but we're both passionate about creating a place to encourage wives. We would LOVE to have you join us. Just click here!
What would you add to my list of best online marriage resources?
Thanks for reading!
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