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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Big Changes are Happening in My Life

Well guys, I've been keeping a secret for a while. It's really not that big of a deal to you readers (though it will affect you somewhat as it will most likely affect how much time I will be able to spend on this blog). But it's a HUGE deal for me.

I quit my day job.
Yep, on Wednesday, I gave my two weeks' notice. My last day as a Jr Web Developer working remote 100% is June 30th.

But you should know, I found another job before I quit mine. That's what I've kept a secret for so long. I started job hunting about a month ago. And I'm happy to announce that starting on July 5th I will be working as a Jr. Data Quality Analyst for a company here in Columbus. I will be waking up much earlier than I'm used to. I will be commuting to an office (albeit a very reasonable 20 minute commute). I will be wearing "business professional" attire (who ever heard of that in the IT world?).
New dress clothes.
I will no longer roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and sit down to work for the day in my pajamas. I will no longer sit by the pool on my lunch break. I will no longer work out and shower on my lunch break. I will no longer put a load of laundry in the wash in the middle of the day whenever it occurs to me. I will no longer throw dinner in the crock pot when I think about it in the middle of the morning. I will no longer cook myself lunch on the stove, even if it's just macaroni and cheese. I will no longer take blog and Instagram pictures in wonderful natural light on my patio on my lunch break. I will no longer do the previous night's dishes on my lunch break.

I will be going to bed earlier because I will have to wake up quite a bit earlier to account for getting ready and commuting. I will lose precious blogging time as I commute home and start dinner, laundry and other chores when I get home. I will be wearing makeup a lot more often. In the winter, I will actually have to leave my apartment when it's freezing and snowing.

None of this sounds very appealing. So why did I do this you ask?
This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just like it.
Because I wasn't happy. Basically that's what it all boils down to. For the last few months, I have been miserable in many aspects of my life and I think most of it stems from my work situation. Why was I unhappy? I think most of that stems from the fact that I was working remote 100% of the time. I never saw anybody. Pearson worked 70+ hours. I never left the house. Also because I was remote, I wasn't getting opportunities to grow at work. I wasn't connecting with coworkers and I felt stuck.

Nothing seemed to bring me joy. I was sleeping all the time and I had no energy or motivation to do anything. Our apartment became a pig-sty and I still had home decor up from fall and winter.

But in the last week, since I accepted this new job and quit my current one, all of that has turned around! Really it started last Monday when my recruiter told me I was the best candidate for the job that I really wanted, but they had to draw up paperwork and it would be a couple days before I had an official offer.

I am happy again! I'm blogging again. And writing comes easily again. And I'm loving it again. Seriously, I just sat down to write this post and it's just flowing from my fingertips. That used to happen quite often but it hasn't in a long time!

I'm decorating again. That is something that used to bring me such joy. This weekend I put away all my fake pine cones and burlap and got out some bright flowers and new fresh smelling candles. I am itching to get to Trader Joe's and buy some beautiful fresh flowers!

I'm cleaning again. Now, the act of cleaning my apartment never gave me joy. Just to be clear. But having a clean apartment did. And that was always motivation enough to do it. But not lately. As I said, our apartment had turned into a pig sty because Pearson didn't have time to clean and I didn't have the energy or motivation. But now I do!

I'm reading again. Another thing that used to bring me so much joy! If you've been keeping up with my monthly goals, then you know that I've been reading The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers since the middle of March. I kid you not. And I've actually probably read as much in the last couple weeks as I did in the two months before that combined. I just haven't been motivated to read until recently.

And y'all. I am so excited for this job! I'm excited to interact with people on a daily basis. I am an introvert and I thought I would love working from home. And I did at first. But then I changed departments and started working with people that I had never really interacted with in person. And then winter  happened when I never leave my apartment for anything. And a couple of my good friends had babies so I started hanging out with them even less. And I felt isolated. But not anymore! I'm going to have coworkers again!

Also, this workplace environment seems very ideal. They say that they are very adamant about only working 40 hours per week. Everybody goes home at 5:00. Also, they play cards and strategy games in the break room at lunch and get together every week to discuss The Walking Dead.

I'm excited for possible opportunities to grow and move up in the company which is another thing the manager emphasized in my interview.

I'm excited to get out of my pajamas and dress professionally. I am so tired of being grungy and I'm excited to explore my sense of fashion in a big, fun, and different way. And I've enjoyed buying new clothes over the last week.
New purse and planner I bought for the job
I'm excited for the location. It's not in a big office building downtown where I'll have to navigate the streets and traffic and park in a garage. It's just down the road and it's near a Bibibop which I'm really excited about and I pass an Aldi on the way there! I see lots of grocery stops on the way home in my future!

I'm excited to have more structure in my life again. I was on a 8-5 schedule with my job, of course, but once I quit working for the day, I didn't go home. Nothing changed. Often I sat at the same desk and blogged or continued working for a while longer. I'm excited to get up and go to work and then leave work at work and come home to my haven.

I'm even excited about having to be more intentional about my time at home. As I said at the beginning of this post, I'm not going to be able to wash clothes and dishes whenever I think about it or on my lunch break. I'm glad again for the structure and how it will force me not to be lazy.

Anyway, I'm sorry this post turned out to be so long. I guess I just had a lot I wanted to say. If you're still with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a loyal reader and friend! I love you guys!

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