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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

8 Simple Tips to Help you Stay Healthy at Work

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Well guys, I've been working in my new job for more than a week now and I love it. It's been sort of a weird week because I've been training and my in-laws were in town over the weekend so I haven't slowed down at all since I started. I don't feel like I'm really working there yet and I definitely don't feel like I've been working there for more than a week.

Anyway, it's been sort of an adjustment having to go into the office every day. I have to wear professional clothes instead of pajamas. I have to get up and get ready and drive to work instead of rolling out of bed and walking to the next room, but I've only been late once and it was by 5 minutes. I have to remember to pack my lunch and keep snacks at my desk instead of wandering into the kitchen whenever I'm hungry. I haven't gotten this right yet. And l have to adjust my healthy habits and work out schedule.

Today I have some tips to help you stay healthy even while working at an office job. It's tough but it's doable. And, since it's been over a week, it's time for me to start taking my own advice.

ONE || Wear an activity monitor, set goals and try to meet them. I changed my steps goal to 5,000 instead of 10,000 since I have a job that consists mostly of sitting at a desk. I also set a goal to move at least 250 steps every hour.  I use the stairs. I try to walk a lot at lunch (I keep flip flops at my desk to wear at lunch instead of heels). And I at least get up and move around every hour.

TWO || Pack a healthy lunch. Most of your health actually comes from what you eat rather than your exercise. So pack a salad. Or a sandwich on some yummy whole wheat bread or a wrap. Not only is it tasty, it also saves you calories as well as money.

THREE || Keep healthy snacks at your desk. Part of eating healthy is eating little and often. I like to keep nuts, nut butter and whole wheat crackers, instant oatmeal, popcorn, trail mix, single fruits like apples and oranges, dried fruit, whole grain cereal, and dark chocolate in my desk.

FOUR || Eat a healthy breakfast. Sometimes it's hard to eat breakfast, I  get it. I am always running late in the mornings. But breakfast really is so important. I usually try to fix myself a protein shake to drink on the way to work or have one of the snacks in my desk when I get there.

FIVE || Avoid the bad stuff. Avoid the vending machines, fast food, soda, fatty snacks, etc.

SIX || Do simple exercises. Simple ab and arm exercises can be done at your desk.

SEVEN || Stay hydrated. It really is amazing how much drinking water throughout the day can help your health. I feel more energized and awake, I don't have as many head aches, and my digestion is always better. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated and we don't even know it. Even when we know the importance of hydration, most of us don't think about it that much.
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I like to keep a bottle of smart water at my desk to help me beat the heat and stay hydrated. These bottles are the perfect size to keep at my desk and drink throughout the day.
EIGHT || Get your vitamins in. Even if you're eating healthy, you might not be getting all the vitamins your body needs. One of my favorite ways to get my vitamins is by drinking delicious vitaminwater. It tastes great, gives me the vitamins I need, and helps to keep me hydrated. I like to keep a six pack on the floor under my desk (next to the shoes I don't wear when I'm sitting there) and I love that the CVS just down the street from the office has vitaminwater and everything else I need to stay healthy and hydrated at work.

How do you stay healthy and hydrated at work? Check out some more hydration inspiration here.
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