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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Making Each Other the Most Important


Your priorities can tell a lot about you.

And the way you act can tell a lot about your priorities.

And a lot of people have a lot of ideas of where your priorities should be.

I think most people won't question what God's Word says our number one priority should be: Him and His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33 among many others).

And we have verses telling us that money, possessions and work should not be a priority (Mathew 6:9, Matthew 6:24, and Luke 12:34 among others).

But what about everything in between? Our marriages. Our families. Our hobbies. Where do those fall?
This is where so many people get confused. They make their kids a priority over their spouse. They put their responsibilities - no matter how noble - above their family. They make their own hobbies more important than their loved ones. It's easy to fall into that.

But I believe all that talk in Ephesians 5 about how to love, respect, and submit to your spouse to mimic Christ's relationship with the church implies that our spouses should be our top priority right under God and His Kingdom. How can you love each other fully like is described in this chapter without being the most important thing in each other's lives?

But it's so easy to fall into the habit of taking each other for granted. Of getting busy with life and having other things and people take priority over your spouse. Trust me, I know.

I'm not saying you have to be together all the time. I'm not saying you wont have to put some things on hold while you raise young children.

I'm just saying, you should always make a conscious effort to make your spouse feel important and loved and appreciated. No that won't look the same through every stage of life. But when you've completely forgotten about the most important person in your life and he or she feels that, you've failed.

The world says do what makes you happy (no matter what). I say, think of your spouse's happiness too. And your happiness together.

The world says, money and power are the most important things. I say, love and commitment are so much more important.

The world says that yes family is important, but your children are the most important so put their needs above everyone else's. I say, you chose your spouse and you promised to love him or her forever, that means even when you have young children at home. The kids will be fine if you pay a little attention to each other instead of just them all the time. Actually, they'll benefit from it immensely.

So when your spouse needs you, don't blow them off. When you've been spending a lot of time and energy at work or with the kids or on your hobbies, let them know they still mean a lot to you. Show them you love them through their love language. Schedule time with them and just prove that they are important to you even when life is busy and you're worn out.

How do you make your spouse a priority when it's not so easy?
Thanks for reading!

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