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Friday, June 9, 2017

Current Beauty Favorites (and a few not-so-favorites)

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

For whatever reason, I've been watching a lot of beauty YouTubers lately. Well I mean it probably started when The Dating Divas had a MaskCara Beauty party and convinced me to buy a HAC Pack. I will say, they only convinced me with the promise of a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Actually, maybe it started with LipSense.

Anyway, I bought both of those products from multi-level marketing consultants and then bought a bunch of other products suggested by beauty YouTubers. So I've been buying and trying a lot of makeup lately and I thought I'd share my thoughts. Because I didn't love all of it. Even stuff everybody on YouTube seems to love.

So let's get to it...

FIRST, Beauty Products I've Liked Lately:

W7 Feather Light Foundation

You guys. This stuff is awesome. It's like Younique's Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation, which I love, but much cheaper! W7 is a British cosmetic company that tries to dupe high-end products. I haven't tried anything else, but they certainly succeeded with this one. I found it by literally googling "Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation dupe" and found a bunch of British beauty YouTubers raving about it.

Anyway, it has a dropper and it's a really thin watery formula that dries matte and has great coverage even though it feels like you're wearing nothing. I love it!

Since it started in the UK, it isn't in stores in the US yet. At least I haven't found it. But I've already ordered it twice from Amazon (the link on the heading). You can also order from their website here but I didn't want to pay the shipping.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer Mist

I bought this two days ago from Walmart and I already love it. I sort of found it by accident and it was a combination of a couple reasons. One, because I was looking for a silicone free primer to go with my MaskCara Beauty foundation (more on that below). And two, because ELF came out with a new Aqua Beauty line recently which includes a primer mist and a lot of people compared it to this saying this one was much better.

Anyway, I've been wanting to try a setting spray and I love that this can be used as a setting spray and primer. It definitely felt hydrating and made my makeup last longer.

I didn't link it because I couldn't find a good option on Amazon. But you can find it at Walmart.

ELF Eyebrow Duo Brush

I've been using eye shadow to fill in my brows for a long time. It's just so easy with just an angled brush and no other product. But lately I've noticed, especially when I'm in a hurry, my eyebrows look really messy. So I searched for a better brush and this is what I found. It's pretty great and was like $3.

I linked to Amazon but you can also find it at Walmart and Target.

Coconut Oil

Yes I know I'm late to the party on this one. I've been using it to take my makeup off and while it may not be as easy as makeup remover or wipes, it feels so much better. It hydrates my skin and I love that it's a natural organic oil. It's hard to explain but it feels so good that taking my makeup off and washing my face has quickly become one of my favorite activities. I'm not joking.

I didn't link it because you can find it pretty much anywhere.

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

I got this in a recent VoxBox from Influenster and it's pretty great! I have used Certain Dri since college, back when it was the only clinical strength out there. Secret's is so much better! It smells better. It doesn't sting when I put it on. It's easier to use. Now I just need to remember to put it on before bed! I always forget!

I linked to Amazon but I think you can also find it at any drugstore or grocery store etc.
So this really is just another tinted lip balm. There's nothing too special about it except that it feels amazing! It doesn't contain wax which means it won't break down anything that you put on your lips first (staines, liner etc). I personally think it feels better and has a better color payoff than both Maybelline Baby Lips, and at least feels better than Mary Kay @ Play Triple Layer Tinted Balm. I believe those are the only other tinted balms I have tried.

I linked to Amazon but I think you can also find it at any drugstore or grocery store etc.

My Usual (not new) Products:

NEXT, Beauty Products I've NOT Liked Lately:


I might get sacrificed for this. Or at least ridiculed. I've tried really hard to like it. But it just doesn't stay on me all day. And when it wears off, it wears off the inside of my lips first so then it just looks like messy lip liner. I do everything they say. I clean and dry my lips first, I only use their gloss on top, I apply three thin layers letting them dry in between while holding my lips tight and apart. Yes it lasts a long time. But not all day. To me, it's not worth the cost or the effort.

I actually found some buying options on Amazon (the link on the heading) but you're really supposed to go through a consultant. If you're really interested, here is my cousin-in-law's Lipsense Facebook page

ELF Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain

Ok. I really wanted to like this stain. As I mentioned earlier, ELF came out with a new Aqua Beauty line and I was really excited about it. Seeing as I haven't enjoyed my lipsense and this stuff was only $4, I thought I'd try it. It is way too watery. Like I can't even get it to go on my lips evenly because it pools at the edges of the applicator. It reminds me of the Younique Moodstruck Minerals Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain which I also hated. A couple YouTubers claimed it goes on smooth and feels great. LIES! Another YouTuber said when it fades it at least fades evenly. LIES! Okay I'm not really calling them liars. Maybe it just doesn't work on my lips. Or maybe I'm still doing something wrong.

Anyway, I won't be repurchasing. I think I'll stick with just liner and the Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm I talked about earlier. This combination transfers to coffee cups and straws but the liner shows color all day and it feels amazing. Or I may try Maybelline Super Stay 24 Longwear Lip Color for a lip stain again. It doesn't stay all day and fades sort of awkwardly but at least it goes on easily and evenly and doesn't break the bank.

I linked to Amazon but you can also find the ELF stain at Walmart and Target.

MaskCara Beauty HAC Pack

Y'all, I really wanted to like this too. So I've followed Cara of MaskCara basically since I started blogging almost five years ago. I watched her go from beauty blogger and YouTuber, to famous makeup artist backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, to developing her own line of highlighting-and-contouring (HAC) foundation, to turning that line into a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company! I short of stopped keeping up with her lately so I didn't even know it was a MLM company until the Dating Divas hosted a MaskCara party!

Anyway, long story short, they convinced me to try the HAC Pack. They color matched me and promised a 30-day, money-back guarantee. So I got a highlight color, a contour color, a blush color, and an illuminator. Getting 4 tins gets you a free compact. This stuff is supposed to replace your foundation so it supposedly covers and highlights/contours at the same time.

I really like the concept. I really like the packaging. I really like Cara. I really like the Dating Divas. I don't like the product. It's a cream foundation so maybe I'm just not used to it. I don't know. But I don't think it has good coverage. It's difficult to apply. It doesn't last all day. It makes my skin look really dry. I have tried different things with different primers and brushes and techniques. I will continue to try different things for a little longer before sending it back because I really want to like it. Any tips?

I linked to the MaskCara website. You can order directly there or go through an independent artist. Here is the Dating Divas' MaskCara Facebook group.

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush 

So I watched a hair tutorial on YouTube and this girl made a throw away comment about how much she loves the Wet Brush. I'd heard about it before and since I was buying a bunch of other beauty products that YouTubers like, I thought "Why not?" The paddle brush I use is probably 10 years old. No exaggeration. Actually it might even be older than that. So I thought it might be time for a new brush. Now, I'll admit, this brush does feel nice on my head. It doesn't scratch my scalp like my other paddle brush. But to be honest, before using this one, I never even noticed the other one hurting. Anyway, I'm not sure the wet brush's bristles do enough to really detangle my hair. I feel like my hair just bends them and they don't go through it. They claim that their bendable bristles detangle without hurting your head but I think I'll just stick with my other brush.

I linked to Amazon but you can find them at Target too.

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