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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My Favorite Online Marriage Programs

In the middle of August, I shared a blog post full of my favorite marriage related Instagram accounts. I thought today I'd share all my favorite online marriage courses and clubs.

Pearson and I have joined some great clubs and courses lately. It's so important to continue learning and growing in every aspect of life. And of course, I believe your marriage relationship is the most important aspect of your life. Besides your faith. And your marriage is and should be a big part of your faith. But that's a post for another time.

Anyway, I just had to share these resources with you because we've loved most of them so far. Yes some (but not all) of these have affiliate links. I will tell you which ones. And no we are not members of all of the ones listed here. I will tell you which ones we are and aren't members of as well. All the ones that we haven't tried ourselves, I've heard great things about from other people. I'm not just sharing them because I have an affiliate link.
Some tried and true awesome online marriage clubs and courses because you should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

One Extraordinary Marriage's Position of the Month Club

Full Disclosure: Pearson and I are both members of this club (POTMC). In fact, we were founding members! These are NOT affiliate links. The club is ongoing and you can cancel at any time. It's $20/month.

I don't think it's a secret around here that I love Tony and Alisa of One Extraordinary Marriage. I started listening to their podcast (again) from the beginning in August and I'm on episode 20. These guys are incredible. I love their passion for marriage. I love their honesty and openness on their podcast. And guess what! They're even more open and honest with the members of POTMC.

So anyway, you can read all the details here if you want. But basically, every month you get a new position to try. Yes a sex position. Because sex in marriage should be fun and exciting. Even though the club is called the Position of the Month, that is not even close to all you get!

POTMC perks:
  • Monthly position paper complete with pictures (of wooden dolls), a write up explanation, and an area for you to give each other feedback.
  • Access to the members only private facebook group. Such a great and supportive community.
  • Monthly Inspiration. Some from the past were a list of dates under $20, coloring inspiration cards, and an "intimacy wheel" to help facilitate conversations between spouses about the state of each of six the forms of intimacy in your marriage.
  • A monthly live call with Tony and Alisa to answer any and all questions. Plus other random shorter facebook lives throughout the month each to discuss specific aspects of the club.
  • A monthly book club. These are not always books directly about marriage, but rather personal development. In the past we've read and discussed Never Quit by Edwin Cole, The One Thing by Gary Keller, and Traveling Light by Max Lucado.
  • Quarterly challenges. Right now they have the "no screen challenge" going on. It's such a great way to connect!
  • Unique quarterly gifts delivered right to your home! This quarter, they're giving a paperback copy of their book, The 7 Days of Sex Challenge, which is normally $16.95. Join by September 8th to get it! We already have this book, so we'll probably be giving the new copy away. But guys, this book and challenge is everything! (And that's all I'll say about that...)
  • An exclusive discount on their entire shop. This one is another great perk! Though we haven't taken advantage of it yet, I'm sure we will soon. I've been dying to read both Connect Like You Did When You First Met and Stripped Down.
Y'all, I can't say enough about this club. Pearson and I have gotten so much inspiration out of it. I love connecting with others in the facebook group and talking to Tony and Alisa one on one after reading and listening to them for so long!

And guys, the free copy of The 7 Days of Sex challenge is good enough reason to join in the next couple days!
The Position of the Month Club is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

Sheila Gregoire's Boost Your Libido Course

Full Disclosure: I have only done the first module of this course and read a little bit of the ebook that comes with it. These are affiliate links. It's a one time cost of $39.00 and you have access to the course forever.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love everything I've ever read from Sheila. I completely agree with everything on her blog (To Love Honor and Vacuum) about Purity Culture, sex in general, how to deal with conflicts in marriage. Everything.

That's why I bought this course. And why I ultimately became an affiliate for it before even completing the course.

Sheila is very passionate about contradicting our culture when it comes to many things. Not just sex, libido, porn, and purity culture. In addition to marriage, she writes a lot about faith and parenting. She even wrote about why gen-x women don't like Hillary Clinton.

So all this to say that I trust Sheila and I've learned a lot from her many posts about women's libido on her blog. So when I found this course, I knew I had to check out. Even though I don't necessarily think I have a problem in this area, I wanted to learn more about it!

You can read more about Boost Your Libido here. The first module has already been very eye opening as she explains in it what libido actually is. And how it's not what we think it is. Especially for women.
The Boost Your Libido Course is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage courses. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

The Dating Divas:

Full Disclosure: The following three programs are from The Dating Divas. Yes these are affiliate links and I've only been a member of one out of three. But I've only heard great things about them!

So The Dating Divas have three awesome programs for three different levels of need in marriage. So there's the Reclaim your Marriage program for if you need some serious help. The Marriage Master's Program for when your marriage is feeling a little boring. And Marriage Club for when your marriage is going great and you want to keep it that way!

If you're not sure which one is best for you, you could take this free quiz! In case you're wondering, the quiz told me to try Marriage Club.
Find out which of The Dating Divas' tried and true marriage clubs or courses is best for you. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

ONE || Marriage Club:

For couples who already have a good (or great) marriage, The Divas recommend their DATING DIVAS MARRIAGE CLUB! It is a monthly membership club created with married couples in mind.

Basically, it’s a quick and easy way for couples to be more intentional about their marriage and make sure it stays a priority. Think of it as car insurance or getting your oil changed- it’s helps you keep up the maintenance so you can avoid costly repairs down the road! When you become a Marriage Club member you get access to…
  • His and Hers Checklists with quick & easy romance tips & ideas for husbands AND wives!
  • Romance Ideas for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries!
  • Tracks with interactive lessons and action steps based on popular marriage topics!
  • Club Credits you can redeem to unlock more tracks or purchase products from The Diva Store!
  • Discounts and Deals to make dating and romancing each other easier!
  • Monthly Webinars covering in-depth marriage topics!
  • Audio Seminars from marriage and relationship professionals!
And it’s $14.97 per month. (or $149.70 if you purchase an annual membership, so that's two months free!)
The Dating Divas' Marriage Club is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

TWO || Marriage Masters Program:

The MARRIAGE MASTER PROGRAM, on the other hand, was created for couples who feel like things have gotten a little boring or routine. Maybe the honeymoon feeling has started to fade or they miss that “spark” they used to have in the beginning of their relationship. It’s for couples who are ready to up the ante in their marriage! It is a 26-week course designed to help couples rediscover the fun in their marriage and get back those sparks- all the way from A to Z. (They like to call it "the done-for-you way to date your spouse!") 

They provide you with weekly, printable checklists that include: date prep, conversation starters, intimacy tips, and more! 

It's a 26 week program at $9.97 a week! That may sound like a lot but compared to marriage counseling, it's really not.
The Dating Divas' Marriage Masters Program is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

THREE || Reclaim Your Marriage Program:

And finally, the RECLAIM YOUR MARRIAGE PROGRAM is perfect for couples who are facing serious struggles in their relationship, and may even be considering separation or divorce. It is a comprehensive 10-week course that dives deep into the 10 most common "pain points" or crucial marriage topics and struggles that most often lead couples to divorce. They recommend this program for anyone who really is serious about improving their marriage, but especially for couples who are facing real obstacles and need help and answers. It was created to help couples tackle the tough issues they may be facing in their marriage. 

At only $47 a week, it's a lot more affordable than marriage counseling! (Plus, they’ve found that many couples love that they can do it anonymously from the comfort of their own home.)
The Dating Divas' Marriage Masters Program is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

Free Wife Communities:

ONE || For Better & Forever:

This is a free Facebook group run by The Dating Divas. The community is all about loving on our spouses in a busy world and making sure we have fun while we do it!

TWO || My Wife Tribe:

This is a free Facebook group run by my Kailei of Two Best Friends in Love Blog. This is a place where we can share and find ideas to make our marriages rock.

THREE || Freshly Married Wives Community:

This is a free Facebook group run by Amy of Freshly Married. The idea of this group is to have a safe, non-judgemental, helpful, and encouraging place where you can ask questions about all aspects of marriage.

FOUR || Sweet Wives Community:

This is a free Facebook group fun by Chelsea of Living the Sweet Wife. This is a support group and community of married Christian women.

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