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Friday, February 23, 2018

Promises for my Brother

I am co-hosting the Love Blog Challenge today. The prompt is "Promises." Head over to Brita's Introduction Post to see the prompts for every week day for the rest of this month. We'd love to have you join us!

Y'all. My little brother, Tyler, turns 25 on Sunday. It will be his Golden Birthday. 25 on the 25th. But do you know what makes it even better? Just 6 days later he will marry the love of his life!
Promises for my Brother about marriage. Brother and sister at sister's wedding.
Tyler and me at my wedding
Since I've written about him on his birthday twice in the past (here and here. Oh and on another Thankful Thursday here), and today's Love Blog prompt is "promises." I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write some promises to him and his soon-to-be wife!
Promises for my Brother about marriage. Engagement picture. Future bride and groom.
Tyler and Mary- Engagement Picture by McPherson Works
So Tyler and Mary, I promise...
  • I promise... Life will be hard sometimes, but it's better together.
  • I promise... Marriage itself really isn't that hard, but it takes work, intentionality, and prioritizing.
  • I promise... Sometimes you will want to wring each others' necks. It will pass.
  • I promise... Sometimes you will feel like you could never be more in love than you are at that moment. You can. And you will.
  • I promise... You can't change each other. You are different people with differing opinions. That will become more and more obvious. Instead of resenting it and trying to change each other, embrace it and learn from your differences.
  • I promise... You won't both be happy all the time. Lean on each other.
  • I promise... Other things in life will seem more important than your marriage at times. Pretty often, actually. They're not. Nothing is more important. Remember that.
  • I promise... There is no shame in seeking help for your marriage when you need it.
  • I promise... Marriage and doing life with your best friend is the best thing in the world.
  • I promise... he world thinks marriage is temporary. Prove them wrong. Work on your marriage from the beginning so it will endure everything that comes your way!
Promises for my Brother about marriage. Engagement picture. Future bride and groom. Walking in the woods.
Tyler and Mary- Engagement Picture by McPherson Works
Do you have any more promises to add for my little brother and soon to be sister-in-law?
Thanks for reading!

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