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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Surprise EXCLUSIVE Dating Divas Flash Sale

BIG NEWS GUYS! The Dating Divas are finishing off Date Your Mate month with an EXCLUSIVE Flash Sale on one of my favorite of their products! 52 Dates for Two is now 50% off with the code 52DATES. That means it's just $4, so for less than a Starbucks coffee, you can get an entire year's worth of dates! But the sale ends on Thursday the 31st.

This sale is extra special because that coupon code is exclusive to Divas Partners and their readers. That means the Divas aren't giving this code to just anybody. So you should feel special!
So as I said on Friday, I've been slacking in the date department lately. I bought the 52 Dates for Two pack last August with the intention to either start it at the beginning of this year and officially go through all the dates or to at least use for inspiration. I downloaded it and it has been sitting in my google drive, untouched for 9 months. I found it again when I heard about this sale and now I've printed and assembled it. I'm still not sure if we will every follow it perfectly because there are so many specific things we want to do in our new home, but it will be great for inspiration. And who knows, I bet most of the things we want to do for date night anyway have a corresponding card, especially since they've included blank ones.

But I'm getting ahead of myself!
The 52 Dates for Two pack is a printable that usually costs $7.97 but is 50% off with the code 52DATES until the end of May (only 3 days). The pack includes...
  • 52 Weekly Date Night Cards - A date night idea for each week of the year.
  • Blank Date Night Cards - Customizable cards to include a few, more personal dates.
  • 16 Bonus Date Cards - For more weekly date night ideas to choose from.
  • Steps & Tips for a Photo Album - Create an easy way to track your date night memories.
So you can totally print this out and customize it to fit your marriage.

So basically, you print out these cards along with the super cute gift tags and picture cards and assemble them in a photo album. Then as you go on your dates, you fill out the cards and add photos of your dates. The best part is you'll always have a keepsake of this year of dates.
To help with choosing a date that's perfect for each week, the date night cards have these perfect little checklists at the top. That way, if you know you can't get a sitter you can choose an "At Home" date or if you're a little strapped for cash lately, you can be sure to pick a "Free" date.

Oh and wouldn't this be a super cute wedding gift as well! I'm going to have to use it next time I have a wedding to go to. Unfortunately, I'm getting to the age where all my friends are already married. We've moved on from wedding showers to baby showers. Really if I'm being honest, that shift happened several years ago. Anybody else? haha

So anyway, totally go grab this pack while it's 50% off! Click right here to read more about it, scroll to the bottom of that post to add the pack to your cart, and then use the code 52DATES at check out! You only have until May 31st!

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