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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

TWO BIG Announcements

Happy Hump Day, Friends! I'm so excited to share TWO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS with you guys today!

The first one is...

July is our anniversary month!

So we will be celebrating 6 years of marriage on July 14th. But... what does this mean to you?

Well it means that I am taking the entire month of July to focus on wedding anniversaries on the blog and my social media! This exciting month of anniversary celebrations will include but is not limited to...
  • A post about why anniversaries are important and why you should celebrate them
  • Anniversary celebration date ideas (besides just dinner and a movie)
  • Anniversary gift ideas
  • Cool anniversary related products
  • Marriage related book reviews and...
So be looking forward to that! I sure am! Oh, and I'm also looking forward to our anniversary camping trip. Sorry I can't take you along for that.

The second announcement is...

The Dating Divas are launching their 10 Minute Marriage Challenge

You guys! This product is going to be amazing! It's not like anything they've done before!

Basically, you sign up and pay a one time fee, then for three months you'll get texts sent straight to your phone with ideas to help you connect with your spouse in 10 minutes or less!

There is a "hers" version and a "his" version. The "hers" version will get man-approved ideas sent to your phone every Wednesday and Friday while the "his" version will get woman-approved ideas sent to your phone every Tuesday and Thursday. PLUS! Both versions will get the Divas' "Get Your Date On" texts every Monday so you can both start planning for the coming weekend!

Each individual version is $30 and the couple's version is $50. BUT!! If you order during the pre-sale TODAY ONLY (June 27th), you can use the codes below for 30% off.

Then regular enrollment will only last from June 28th through the 30th. If you don't sign up then, you'll have to wait till the Divas decide to do the program again in the future.

CLICK HERE to read more about the program on the Divas' blog.
CLICK HERE to sign up for the "hers" version. (Use code WIFE for 30% off)
CLICK HERE to sign up for the "his" version. (Use code HUSBAND for 30% off)
CLICK HERE to sign up for the couples version. (Use code MARRIAGEMATTERS for 30% off)

I'm super excited to use this text service to reconnect with Pearson over the next three months. The best part is, Pearson is totally on board because he just automatically gets the texts straight to his phone. There are no cheesy printables and I don't have to bug him to do anything!

Are you as excited for our anniversary month and the 10 Minute Marriage Challenge as I am?
Do you think you could take the challenge?
What other ideas would you like to see on the blog during our anniversary month?
Thanks for reading!

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