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Friday, July 6, 2018

Let's Make Anniversaries a BIG DEAL Again

Do you make a point to celebrate your wedding anniversary? I think, for some reason, anniversaries become one of those things we stop celebrating after a while. If you've been with your spouse for a while, it starts to seem silly to celebrate another year, you know? Kind of like how birthdays stop being a big deal for most people after a while. I think a lot of couples just maybe grab a bouquet of flowers on the way home. Or maybe go out to dinner on that day. But that's it.
A lot of people stop celebrating their wedding anniversaries after a while. Or at least, it's not a big deal as it used to be. But I'm a firm believer in celebrating everything and your anniversary might be the most important holiday to celebrate all year!
But you see, I think anniversaries are something to be celebrated! Marriage isn't exactly easy. I mean, in some ways it is and should be. But life is hard. And combining two lives together forever is hard. Especially when our society seems to encourage throwing away marriage at the first sign of trouble or the first time you feel unhappy. So when you've made another trip around the sun with your marriage in tact, celebrate!

I am a big believer in celebrating everything. Being happy in your marriage involves being happy with each other. Being happy with each other involves having fun together. And one great way to have fun together is to celebrate everything!

So why wouldn't you celebrate your anniversary? In fact, I think your anniversary might be the most important holiday/accomplishment to celebrate all year!

So here's to going all out! Here's to making it a big deal! Here's to making memories and traditions for your little family's birthday! Here's to planning ahead for it, looking forward to it, and using it as an excuse to completely spoil your spouse, spend some much-needed time together, and rekindle the love in your marriage!

As I mentioned last week, I'm going to take this month to focus on all things anniversaries here on the blog and on my social media (complete with celebration ideas, gift ideas, GIVEAWAYS, and more)!

Pearson and I are celebrating six years of marriage on the 14th with a trip to Crater Lake and Bend. We're spending two nights camping and backpacking around the lake and then two nights in a bed-n-breakfast in Bend, Oregon and I couldn't be more excited! I'm looking forward to getting away from our normal routines, spending some uninterrupted quality time with each other in the middle of God's beautiful creation, and working through our #MarriageMoon together as we strengthen our relationship! (I'll be posting more about #MarriageMoon in a couple months!)

So, are you in? Let's make anniversaries a big deal again!
Thanks for reading!

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